Peshtigo Driver Education

Driver Education Program

Driver Education is a program consisting of classroom and laboratory instruction in driving as well as in attitude development. The classroom phase consists of lectures, activities and discussions of driving maneuvers and driver attitude. The laboratory phase consists of behind-the-wheel driving. The behind-the-wheel phase teaches the sound operational skills needed for driving. Driver Education is required for all people under the age of l8 years who wish to obtain a Wisconsin Driver's license. 

Students need basic skills to drive safely and these skills will be provided in the Driver Education Program at Peshtigo High School.  It is believed that safe driving skills are critical lifelong skills affecting the conservation and quality of human life and health.  The Driver Education Program at Peshtigo High School will focus on providing learning opportunities which will allow for the development of skills, knowledge, and the thought processes necessary to become safe and efficient drivers.

Driver Education is one of the most important classes that will be taken during a person's lifetime.  Learning and obeying the rules of the road, executing defensive driving techniques and being a patient and courteous driver could make the difference between life and death.  Therefore, I take my role as educator very seriously.  The safety of all of my students, and the roadway users they interact with, is my primary goal.  Parents should give serious thought to the quality of the Driver Education Program in which they are sending their child.  Peshtigo's Driver Education Program goes above and beyond the required elements to give a well rounded Driver Education experience.

Mr. Ahrens

Behind the Wheel

Students taking the Behind-the-Wheel phase of Driver Education with the Peshtigo School District must meet the following school requirements:

  • Be enrolled in or completed the classroom phase of Driver Education.

  • Hold a valid Wisconsin Instruction Permit.

  • Payment of the school Driver Education fee.

Students will schedule driving times using Peshtigo Driver Education Google Calendar.  Instruction permits are valid for 12 months and must be held for 6 months prior to taking a skills test with the examiners.

Missing of scheduled driving times will not be tolerated.  Missed driving times means missed opportunities for learning in different driving situations.  It also delays all remaining students as there could have been someone willing to take that scheduled times.  The students select their driving lesson times and they must be responsibile to know when they scheduled their driving lesson to be sure they don't miss any of their driving/observing times.  Any unexcused (no replacement, phone call or e-mail 48 hours prior to scheduled time) absence from a scheduled driving/observing time will result in the student being removed from the schedule for a period of at least TWO MONTHS.  Please attend all scheduled times.

Please inform the instructor of any student with any special physical condition prior to taking the course.


The fee for Driver Education with the Peshtigo School District will be $150.00 for 2018.  Make checks payable to Peshtigo School District and is due the first days of class.

These pages have been designed to give you information and contacts related to Peshtigo's Driver Education Program.  These pages will continue to change as I add new and updated information.   Click on the links to learn more about Peshtigo's Driver Education Program.

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