Student Driving Calendar

Please schedule no more than ONE driving lesson per week with a  MINIMUM of 4 hours of practice driving between driving lesson.

Peshtigo Driver Education Google Calendar

Scheduling one or two driving lessons per month is ideal. Following this pace the students will have all of their driving times completed by the end of their six month required permit time with plenty of time to practice driving skills between lessons.

Use the Peshtigo Student Google account to schedule driving lessons so the student's name will appear on the calendar. The lesson will show on the student's Google calendar.

Be sure to attend both the driving lesson and observation. Observation is automatically attached to the driving lesson, check the description line when selecting a driving lesson. When driving before school observation will be a different day within the same week.  When driving after school, observation will be immediately before or after the driving lesson. Students missing a driving lesson or observation will be removed from the driving calendar for a period of 2 months for each missed time.

Driving lessons are posted 3-4 weeks in advance. There are no lessons posted for more than one month from today. If the calendar tells you there are no driving lessons for the next 5 months this is not completely accurate, they just haven't been posted yet.

See or email Mr. Ahrens with any concerns regarding scheduling of driving/observation lessons.